ThinkBody patterns are a response to the increasing cerebral world we live in as we spend more of our lives engaged within the virtual world of our screens and disconnected from our bodies. Based on and/or inspired by anatomy and systems of the body my hope is that these patterns remind us not only to stay in communication with our physical selves, but in times of illness and healing to re-imagine the body and thus our experience of it.




Imagine having wallpaper, tile, prints, sheets or pillows in our homes or offices inspired by the way blood moves through our heart, or the visual design of our nervous system. Might these objects prompt us to leave the world of the screen and return not only to our physical body and senses, but also to the physical environment in which we find ourselves.



Deborah Monaghan

I grew up a dancer and have always been an active athlete. As someone that moves through the world kinesthetically, I am amazed by the intelligence of our bodies and the gifts of our sensory experiences. In turn, the body's response to its environment and the anthropology of space have always fascinated me. As a visual artist, my eye is always seeking out pattern and rhythm in landscapes and places. A few years ago, these three aspects of personality converged and the idea to explore patterns within the body and bring them into environments began.