It’s been a bit since my last update, but have no fear I have much to report! I’ve been both spectacularly busy and also taking time for fun and health – to get out from my screen and work and ThinkBody…

For the fun and health bit, I managed to procure a cruiser bike that needed some love and brought it down to the local bike shop for repairs. It’s got a basket that’s the perfect size for groceries and I’ve had a dandy of a time riding it around town in the summer sunshine. Saturday, I went down to the Pine Creek Lodge (an institution in these parts) for some live music and to put my mark on the dance floor.

In-between all of that I’ve done two photo shoots – one at a beautiful house (see update photo) my friend Gwen designed and another at the local furniture store. Rob Park, ( turns out is not only a talented photographer, but quite the pillow fluffer – and he’s going to kill me for exposing this skill to the public.

The final pillows for the show are all made and make me squeal with delight. They are beautiful and I have loved working with the talented and resourceful seamstresses here.

The following days are about getting my website complete with the help of Orlagh in Ireland (" God bless the Irish" is appropriate here), printing all my promo pieces, and finally, hanging the show on Wed. evening for the opening Friday. And my mom is coming Tuesday, which, of course, is the cherry on the sundae.

Right now I am off for a run and then back for more work…. Stay tuned, much more coming shortly. And to all of you, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your support. Onward and upward


AuthorOrlagh O'Brien